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The practice of movement has such a powerful effect on our minds, bodies, and hearts. We want to link up with other people who are having similar experiences. We are here to help build a community, create a team, and grow a family. This is our safe place and we hope to create that for you.

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Sam Williams

Before the age of five, Sam studied dance and gymnastics. She moved to Charlotte, NC in 2005 to purse her Bachelor's degree in Marketing. She began teaching competitive dance as well as core and fitness classes for both kids and adults. While transitioning from a student dancing 15 plus hours a week into a beginning her career as a teacher herself she was immediately drawn to barre and yoga classes as a adult to help prevent injury as well as continuing her own personal growth. Not only did she want to continue to build strength and flexibility as she grew older she also appreciated how many classes demonstrated vital aspects she learned as a child growing up. Shortly after starting her practice she learned the benefits were much more than physical healing and training and loved finding the mind body connection. Although, Sam's first love is dance she realizes now as an adult even more so how important strength, breathing, and listening to your body is essential to a happier healthier you! She is blessed to have the opportunity to help build the community of hot yoga, barre and hot barre, and fun dance classes to the Raleigh and surrounding area. Sam is also a RYT through Amazing Yoga with Sean and Karen Conley.


Hannah Bise

From the warm, personalized welcome to their kickass taste in music, the YoBa community was instantly one Hannah felt connected to & knew she had to be apart of! As Studio Manager, she’s on a mission to continue building the YoBa community & help everyone feel at home.

She discovered yoga over 10 years ago as a much needed stress reliever, but soon found it was her answer to so much more! After receiving her RYT-200 certification in 2016 at Charleston Power Yoga, she’s been spreading her love for the practice ever since. 

Her classes are a space to release tension, move through emotions, and grow closer to your intuition. She focuses on intentional movement, breath, music to help you get out of your head and into your body, and believes that movement should leave you feeling both free & strong!


Nikki Richardson

Nikki, a Raleigh native, spent much of her childhood on the soccer field and cheerleading for both school and competitive teams. After graduating from Florida State University, she moved to Los Angeles, CA and fell in love with the city, the people and the culture. Nikki has a strong background working in corporate businesses with an emphasis on operations and marketing. She also has been fashion and style blogging since 2009 (before the word influencer was even a thing)

Although she discovered yoga in 2013, Nikki became more serious about her practice after becoming a YoBa member in February 2019. She studied under Sam Williams and was RYT-200 certified through YoBa's YTT program in 2019. Her favorite part of becoming a teacher was learning how serving the community was such an important aspect of this position. In addition to being a yoga instructor, Nikki brings her desire of community connection into the studio as YoBa's marketing manager. She loves combining her eclectic music taste along with purposeful movement to her flows and she is excited to experience the practice with you.


Mary Mac Moore

Originally from Greensboro, N.C. and a proud graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Mary Mac's North Carolina roots run deep - which is ultimately what recently brought her "back home" to Raleigh after several years living in Atlanta, GA. Mary Mac has always been passionate about health and fitness - growing up she was a competitive and avid equestrian, runner & lacrosse player. Though she has been practicing yoga on-and-off for many years, it wasn't until after she graduated and was living and working full-time in Atlanta that she really dove in and started to discover the countless other benefits beyond physical strength and challenge. Yoga - and power vinyasa in particular - became a sacred part of Mary Mac's routine that allowed her to get out of her head and into her body, a true moving meditation. 

One of her first priorities after moving to Raleigh was finding a new home studio - she knew pretty much immediately that she had found that in YoBa after her first visit. The sense of community & belonging, strong physical practice, infrared heat and killer music were unmatched and she was hooked! Mary Mac recently completed her YTT-200 certification at YoBa and is so grateful to have the opportunity to share this life-changing practice with everyone in her life and community. 

When not at the studio, Mary Mac works full-time as a marketing specialist at Citrix. She loves to explore Raleigh with her husband Jack and new pup Ernie, try all of the Mexican restaurants & coffee shops, cook delicious healthy meals and make Spotify playlists. If you don't know her already, she can't wait to meet & flow with you!


Nicola Ferraro

Nicola grew up in Falmouth, Massachusetts and has now lived in Raleigh for just over a year. Nicola grew up dancing and was in her first ballet class at age 3. She had an instant love for dance and spent many years in the studio taking ballet, pointe, and modern class. In high school, Nicola taught ballet classes at her local studio and at an after school program at an elementary school. Nicola's love for dance continued at East Carolina University as a dance major where she took technique classes, choreographed, and performed. Nicola graduated from East Carolina University in 2015 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts In Dance Performance and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She is currently a graduate student at East Carolina University in the Masters of Arts Education Reading program and is looking forward to graduation! When Nicola moved to Raleigh, she began teaching kindergarten in Apex and loves the excitement and energy her students bring to the classroom! Nicola is excited to be a part of the YoBa Studio family and share her love for Barre!


Annie Wright

Annie began her ballet training at the age of five in Miami, Florida. At the age of fifteen, she began training at Miami City Ballet pre-professional program on scholarship. When Annie was just 17, she left home to train in Seattle with Pacific Northwest Ballet's professional division on full scholarship. In 2018, she was asked to join the Carolina Ballet in Raleigh, North Carolina, as an apprentice and in 2019, Annie was promoted to the corps de ballet at Carolina Ballet. 

Annie started teaching barre at YoBa Studio in 2019, and immediately fell in love with the close community and family that the studio has. Annie loves combining her love of dance and choreography with her passion for music in her classes. She hopes to inspire her students that dance and movement is for anyone!


Caitlin Guy

A native of Raleigh, Caitlin attended North Carolina State to study English and Linguistics and only left Raleigh to live for a short time in Turkey. Though she had been active in her early life through dance, cheerleading, soccer, and volleyball, Caitlin searched for a new way to move after having two children in two years. After practicing yoga on and off in gym settings for years, she found YoBa in 2018 when she was looking for a safe space to move during a difficult time in life. 

Though she came to YoBa for an escape from life, what she found was connection. Yoga became a practice to truly go inward and feel, instead of tune out her reality. After enduring three surgeries in the summer of 2018, she found a true haven in YoBa as she rediscovered how to feel at home in her body and listen to her breath. Caitlin joined the team in January of 2020 and is honored to welcome clients to a safe space to get out of their head and into their heart.


Caity Greenfield

Caity fell in love with Yoga while she was getting her masters degree in South Florida. She loved the way it made her feel and always got her out of her head during periods of anxiety. No matter how stressed she got her mat was always there to get her through it. She continued to deepen her practice through the years and Yoga soon became something she couldn't go without. Caity decided to get her 200 hr RYT in 2014 while living in Las Vegas, NV. She found a passion for connecting with her students and building a community within her classes. 

Upon moving to Raleigh in 2016, YoBa was one of the first studios she attended and she was instantly in love. She loves being a part of the YoBa tribe because the amazing family vibe that exists within the four walls of the studio. She loves being both a teacher and a student and continues to learn something new from every class.


Erin Rood

Erin found YoBa shortly after they opened their doors in Spring of 2016. She was immediately drawn to both the mental and physical side of yoga. With four kids at home, Erin is a mother first above all else, but as she was preparing to send her youngest off to kindergarten she knew she wanted to explore yoga further. Erin joined the YTT program at YoBa in early 2018 and a new journey began for her. She wants people to know that no matter where they are in life, there is space for them to grown, learn, and try new things. Erin truly believes that everyone has a story to share and a journey of growth in front of them, and she brings this to every class she teaches. She loves that yoga is truly for everyone, its does not discriminate age, race, gender, or physical ability. Erin has found that YoBa is a safe place for herself and so many others, and she's discovered this through being both a student and an instructor. She truly feels like no matter where you are at in your life, yoga is beneficial and she can't wait to share this with you in her classes and be a part of the YoBa family! 


Jennifer Parks

Jennifer discovered the benefits of a consistent yoga practice just a few years ago. Yoga provided a sense of calm to balance her role as a medical sales and marketing manager. She continues to feel the life-changing effects -- better sleep, less anxiety, a clearer lens to handle any challenge that life throws her way. She feels stronger both inside and out. Yoga has also rekindled her love of movement, one that developed at an early age. In her teens, Jennifer stayed active through competitive dance, cheerleading, acrobatics, softball, and in college as a member of the University of North Carolina dance team. Her first part-time job was actually as a dance instructor. Though she enjoys getting the body moving through the physical practice of yoga (asana), yoga is not a sport. She values the grounding effects of pranayama and meditation, the ability for physical postures to be modified and made-accessible to everyone, and the healing power to move scar tissue throughout (be it from physical injury or emotional scars). Jennifer earned her RYT-200 hour certification May 2017 through Indigo Hot Yoga Center of Raleigh. She is excited to share this practice and join the YoBa community!


Katelyn Blackman

Katelyn grew up in Minnesota, as a competitive swimmer she turned to hot yoga to stretch her muscles in a new way and to combat the cold weather. She reconnected with her love for yoga in college as a way to soothe stress and anxiety. Yoga has been a constant in Katelyn's life over the last eleven years. When she moved to Raleigh, finding a home studio was a priority for her. She was so thankful to find YoBa, a place that both challenged her practice and allowed to be part of the most joyful, loving community. Katelyn recently completed YoBa's first 200-hour hot power vinyasa teacher training and can't wait to share her love of yoga with the rest of the YoBa community. She is so grateful for the amazing people in this group and hopes to create a nurturing, safe space for students to connect their mind, body and spirit.


Kathryn Auten

Kathryn found a passion for dance, fitness, and movement at the early age of three. She spent many years in the studio and received training in tap, ballet, jazz, and modern at the Piedmont School of Music Dance in Charlotte, NC. Her training focused on ballet and allowed her the opportunity to dance in a variety of the classic ballets, with her favorite being the annual Nutcracker! Kathryn attended an Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive in high school, where her love of modern dance grew. She continued to dance in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a contemporary dance group where she served as the Artistic Director during her senior year. Kathryn graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015 and moved to the Raleigh area. She is jazzed to join YoBa's family and is excited to continue to encourage the connection between movement within your body and soul! 


Kristen Horn

Kristen's love for dance and fitness began at the age of three. She grew up dancing competitively for Dance Productions in Charlotte, NC. She has been trained in variety of dance genres including ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, and tap.  Her love for dance continued as she attended college at NC State University. Kristen is a 2009 graduate of NC State University. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a concentration in finance and a minor in accounting. Kristen spent 4 years on the NC State University Dance Team and was the teams Captain from 2008-2009. She was also named an National Dance Alliance Collegiate All American.  Since graduating and starting her career Kristen has continued her love for fitness and connecting the mind, body and soul! She is very excited to be apart of the YoBa Studio family! She hopes to encourage and inspire her students through Barre classes! She hope to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle and grow stronger every day!


Lauren Jackson

Lauren is a Raleigh native, dog mom, plant enthusiast and esthetician by day. She attended college in Boone, NC at Appalachian State University and after studying Accounting & Finance, found her passion didn’t lie within the parameters of a 9-5, so she took a semester off and obtained her aesthetics license in June of 2016. This is where her call to serve others began.

Lauren found yoga in January of 2019 when a client - a teacher at YoBa - told her about a studio she taught at. She was in a season of self discovery, and after living a sedentary life for years, her body craved movement, and she listened. Four months into her practice she noticed the transformation that had taken place in her heart, body and mind, and took her curiosity a step further by signing up for the RYT- 200 hr at Yoba. Yoba gave her a sense of belonging, somewhere to call home, and created a space for connection; connection to the heart, to the body, to the breath, and to others, free of judgment, full of gratitude. Yoga is not about what it looks like, it’s about what it feels like. It can change your life from the inside out, if you let it.

Lauren believes Yoba is the space where you come to work through all life’s worries in a healthy, intimate and personal way on the mat. It’s a place where love, good music, good vibes, good conversation, and all the coconut water you could imagine come to meet!


Lisa Argiriou

Lisa grew up in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey where she found her passion as a competitive dancer at the age of 7. Entering high school, she focused on competing in hip-hop and jazz as member of her local UDA dance team and spent summers as a dancer in a variety of performances and shows at Six Flags Great Adventure. Her love for dance continued as she attended Loyola University Maryland where she earned a Bachelors degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. She spent 4 years on the Loyola University dance team and was the team’s captain her senior year.  

In 2014, Lisa moved to Raleigh and truly found her love for fitness. She tried out every group fitness class she could get her hands on until she found Yoba Studio. Yoba’s welcoming atmosphere, heart warming culture, loving staff, and overall positivity was exactly what Lisa never knew she needed. She is thrilled to be part of the Yoba family teaching groove and hopes to spread Yoba Shine both inside and outside of the studio!


Mary Margaret Wise

Mary Margaret has spent her entire life (minus a short 3-year stint in Oregon) in Raleigh. She has cheered on NC State's Wolfpack since she can remember, and her love brought her there to study after high school. Mary Margaret graduated from NC State in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. She has been dancing since she was three with a concentration in ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. When she was not dancing, you could find her on the volleyball court, the soccer field, church youth group, or spending time with family, friends, or her pups (shout out to Mully :). Her athletic background, passion for fitness and love for dance brought her to fall in love with barre and yoga.

Mary Margaret is a jill of all trades as she can teach almost all of our classes: Barre, Yoga, YoBa Signature and Groove. Mary Margaret strives to find the personal connection with all of her clients and cannot wait to meet you soon!


Olivia Ball

Olivia grew up in Columbus, Ohio. She was a diver for 15 years where she competed for the University of Georgia. In her fifth year of getting her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering, she took up yoga to fill the newly added time in her schedule and immediately fell in love. She completed her 200 RYT training in Athens through Shakti Yoga University which practices a Baptise style of yoga. Yoga has always been a way for her to come back to the present moment and listen to what her body needs.

Olivia moved to Raleigh in July 2019 where she was captivated by the community that YoBa created and knew it was something she wanted to be apart of. She focuses on connecting movement to breath and cultivating authentic connections with each of her students. She is currently in Raleigh to act as a Graduate Assistant for the NC State diving team while pursuing a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.


Paige Derouin

After she started practicing yoga, Paige immediately noticed an improvement in many aspects of her life. Through her practice, she has gained physical and mental strength as well as an ability to better manager stressful situations both on and off the mat. The effects of Paige's practice were so positive that she wanted to share yoga and its benefits with everyone in her life, including the staff and students of the high school where she currently teaches biology full-time. Paige recently completed YoBa's first 200-hour hot power vinyasa teacher training and is excited to start sharing her love of yoga with others at the studio that has become a second home for her. She is thankful every day to be a part of the YoBa community and strives to fill her classes with opportunities to experience personal growth, gratitude, and good vibes. 


Shannon Belfanti

Growing up Shannon always enjoyed an active lifestyle and split her time between volleyball, lacrosse and dancing over the years. She continued to play lacrosse and volleyball throughout her days at Endicott College in Beverly, MA while she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. After graduating Shannon began working in the trade show industry, while also working towards obtaining her Master’s degree in Marketing. In order to deal with the high stress of work and school she started practicing Yoga and fell in love! Every time she rolled out her mat she was able to decompress and relax in a way she had not previously found.

Shannon grew up in Connecticut and after realizing it was just too cold in the North moved to Raleigh in 2018. When she moved down South she did not know many people so finding a community was important to her. After trying many different yoga studios in the area she tried a class at YoBa and has been going ever since! She enjoyed their connection of music and movement felt at home from her first steps through the doors. After years of wanting to purse her Yoga Teacher Training she finally became RYT-200 certified in 2019 at YoBa studio and joined the YoBa team in February 2020. 

Shannon loves YoBa studio and will strive to ensure everyone who walks through the door feels welcomed and a part of this amazing community.


Lady YoBi

Lady YoBi is our studio pup! She is here to meet and greet students, wag her tail, and show some love. You may even find her doing Downward Facing Dog from time to time. We hope everyone loves her as much as we do :)

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