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YoBa Movement Celebration

YoBa Movement Celebration...The Reason Behind It

This past Sunday, we kicked off our YoBa Movement Celebration. The event will take place from January 6th through Sunday January 27th. We wanted to share with you why we decided to do this event and why it is so important.

In our society, it has become customary to set New Year’s resolutions or goals, specifically towards calorie counting, losing weight, and diets. We also have been receiving the message to “move more” or “eat this, not that”, etc. Our Celebration is more than a resolution it is the promotion of inner movement, mindfulness, intention and community, for all.

Many people define successful movement as being able to push to a certain heart rate or to see results of physical transformation. This perspective of movement creates a mindset that is fixated on outside results. These traditional perspectives of movement can provide a sense of achievement. However, at YoBa we believe that when you move from within yourself, your movement can provide more than short term satisfaction.  

At YoBa, we define movement differently. We first make contact with our heart. Secondarily, we move physically. Do not fret, we love to physically move, sweat, and get our hearts pumping. However, we believe physical movement comes secondary and allows our hearts to join with our body’s, thus connecting us to our spirit, mind, and soul.

In our present world, we have familiarized ourselves to living in a constant mindset of pushing ourselves to the maximum. Not just working out, but with everything we do. When we show up to move with the mindset of “pushing yourself” our movement will likely leave us feeling exhausted and beat down for the rest of our day. When we show up encouraged to move in a way that will bring our heart joy, our movement starts to feel like a celebration. At YoBa, we want to give you the chance to move, mindfully and with intention. It’s not about “more”. It is about intention.

Although we are encouraging you to move 15 out of the 21 days during our YoBa Movement Celebration, we urge you to listen to your intuition, your body and heart first and foremost. The true goal is that you will be a part of our YoBa community long after January 27th, as well as move from a place of celebration in your heart.  

Everyone and every moving body is welcome to join our YoBa Movement Celebration for 2019!

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