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Work-IN not a work-OUT

Work-IN not a work-OUT

We refer to our classes at YoBa as a work-IN not a work-OUT because it’s all about INtention. A work-out leaves you feeling tired and takes energy out of you, but a work-IN reminds us of our INtention and INcreases energy. It encourages us on our journey.

Intention. A word we use on our T-shirts, written on the walls in our studio, and spoken often by instructors in our classes. Google defines intention as, “a thing intended; an aim or plan,” and its synonym is “purpose.” At YoBa, we believe our intention is EVERYTHING. Your intention speaks from your heart and is how you shine from the inside out.

Throughout our movement together we often encourage you to close your eyes. Maybe it’s in child’s pose, plank, or even a hold in releve at the barre. Whatever it is, we ask you to close your eyes and refocus INward. When we close our eyes, our brain begins to communicate with our heart. This connection enables us to forget about our reflection in the mirror and what we may look like, and trains our brain to speak to our heart and focus on how we feel. This is the practice of letting our heart guide us, and it brings us back to intention.

Setting an intention for our movement on the mat can seem a lot more simple than setting an intention off of our mats. Our health and wellness is simply a tool to help us express our fullest potential and live our truth.

Where we are truly challenged to live out our intention is in our everyday lives because we are constantly reminded of all of the various external stimuli that can clutter our brains. Whether it is an email notification, a traffic light, or a verbal conversation, our brain and bodies are in a position of response. At YoBa, we want our movement to be more than a “response.” When we show up to move we are showing up as a gift to ourselves, not to respond to anything else but our hearts and our intention.

So how can we take this gift of showing up for ourselves and practice leading with our intention in life off our mats?

Maybe it’s a morning meditation, or maybe it’s listening to your favorite playlist on your drive to work. Maybe it’s quoting a mantra or bible verse, calling a dear friend, or even finding complete stillness in the middle of your day. Whatever it is, bringing ourselves back to our intention reminds us that we are enough.

The medical definition of Intention is “the healing process of a wound.” Our purpose might be a healing journey or a passion shaped from our story. We do not get to chose our intention, but we can listen to our heart and create a beautiful intention based on the story being shaped on our hearts.

Our intention is our light, and it will always shine. We often try to fill our “cracks” or imperfections, but the only way to let the light in is through the cracks.

We hope your movement at YoBa encourages you to deeply tune INto your heart and move, and live with INtention and joy.

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