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When You Shine, We All Shine

When You Shine, We all Shine

At YoBa we believe each one of us shines from the inside out. Our inner talents have the ability to shine outward and inspire others. We wanted to feature four women we see “shining” and encouraging others to shine in the Raleigh community.  

Laura Schoenfeld believes “all women were created to live a healthy, vibrant and purposeful life”. As a clinically trained Registered Dietitian, she combines evidence-based functional nutrition training with spirituality and self-compassion. She wants women to know that they were created for more than obsession and frustration about food and fitness. She practices this way because her personal journey taught her that health isn’t only physical, it’s emotional. Her philosophy, “the way we think about ourselves very much impacts the way we treat ourselves”. Through her online platform, coaching programs and individualized coaching she helps high-achieving, spiritually-driven women discover their best diet and lifestyle to reach their health goals, so they can pursue their bigger purpose and make a meaningful impact in the world. Learn More About Laura

Maggie Kane is a Raleigh native with a true love for her city. She is the Founder of “A Place at the Table”; a cafe that allows customers to pay what they’re able to, and where everyone has a seat. After graduating from NC State, she began working with an organization focused on homelessness and poverty in Raleigh. Maggie soon developed great friendships with folks in poverty, and joined them in their daily routines, such as eating in soup kitchens. She saw that there was a need for everyone to have food security and decided something needed to be done. In January 2015, “APATT” became an incorporated business, and January 8th 2018, A Place at the Table finally opened its doors! This nonprofit café is located at 300 W. Hargett St in downtown Raleigh. Everything has a suggested price, however, it is only a suggestion. Some pay that price, some pay more to pay it forward, some pay less, and some volunteer for their meal. Their team serves a chef-prepared, healthy, affordable meal to all. In the one year they have been opened they have served 8,000 meals to people who can’t afford it.  A Place At The Table

Janet St Clair is a Designer and Creative Director running her own business “JLSC”,  where she “inspires, creates, and elevates”. She is known in the Raleigh community for being the director/buyer for Glow in Cameron Village, inspiring women daily to feel great about themselves. After graduating university, she lived in NYC designing for brands, such as, Vera Wang, Halston, DKNY and Kensie. Her fast paced mindset thrived in these roles. A couple years after her son was born, their family decided to move, Raleigh was the perfect mix of city and suburb. Janet invests in learning the goals of others, and then working together to bring their goals to fruition. Many of Janet’s clients come to her, with a lot of ideas, but unsure of where to start. She creates a detailed styling plan and visual boards, and is able to help clients feel like they have a fresh approach to their brand, which gives them renewed confidence! Janet knows, in creating her own brand, how empowering it feels to have the visuals that tell your story and that is what inspire her to create this sensation for others.Learn More About Janet

Kelly Young is a Co-Founder of YoBa’s dear neighbor’s, Juicekeys. Juicekeys is an Organic Juice and Smoothie Bar. Their mission is to provide “KEYS” to great health by providing the highest quality foods available in their tastiest and healthiest form. She is a certified Hippocrates Health Educator and it is her passion to educate others and help them seek ways of feeling their best! Kelly specializes in creating and designing ALL recipes as well as educating others on the amazing power of food. Kelly and the Juicekeys team strive to provide their customers with the best tools to help them  towards greater health as efficiently and effectively as possible. They believe in the concept of “Let food be thy medicine." Check Out Juicekeys

These women all work in different fields but use their passions to inspire healthier, happier lives for others. Laura, Maggie, Janet, and Kelly, because each one of you has let your gifts shine, we know others have shined because of your work!

To all of our YoBi’s, when you let your heart shine, our community shines together!

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