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Perfect Pairings

When I find a perfect pairing I get really excited. Like…really, really excited.


Finding two things that go together perfectly gives me a giddy sense of accomplishment and joy, and chances are I’m not the only one that feels this way. The person who invented ice cream + cake totally knows what I’m saying…


If anyone has talked to me for longer than 45 seconds at the studio, chances are they already know my perfect YoBa class pairing. Now I need to shout it from the rooftops and share it with the entire YoBa community.


Barre + Yin = out of this world.


Barre: Intense, high energy, a test of your mental and physical stamina. It meets you where you are and pushes you farther. It tells you “you can do this, and you owe it to yourself to try.”


Yin: Meditative, introspective, calm, restorative. It meets you where you’ve pushed yourself and allows you to say to your body “I’m so proud of you.” It’s stretching with pure intention and purpose. To me, Yin is yoga’s version of giving your body a big hug.


In my opinion, there is no better way to do your whole self a favor than take a Barre class followed (immediately or later in the week) by a Yin class. The planets align, the clouds part, and you leave radiating happiness. But this is also just my PERSONAL perfect pairing. We love that every person who walks through the door of the studio is different, and there are likely hundreds of different “perfect pairings” of classes that exist within our community’s members.

My Perfect Pairing: Kelsey Iani (Studio Manager)

YoBa + Hot Flow

YoBa: A YoBa class (combination of Yoga + Barre) pushes me to my boundaries of physical and mental strength. It's the best way to fight off stress during my week and have so much fun with the awesome YoBi's around me - the instructors and the students push me to reach my fullest potential.

Hot Flow: Taking a hot, delicious yoga flow class the day after a YoBa class is divine. It allows me to stretch out the tight/sore muscles and gives me time to get out of my own head and feel grateful for everything in my life.

My Perfect Pairing: Sam Williams (Owner)

Barre + Hot Flow
Barre: A class filled with functional movement, isometric holds, and full range mobility and sometimes even a little dancing! This class always puts be in a better mood, allows me to celebrate and appreciate how I’m feeling that day. I walk out stronger not only physically but mentally.
Hot Flow: A class that is always there for me, no matter how I show up. I always feel more at home in my body and all my sense after hot flow. It really compliments everything else I do and leaves me feeling really balanced and aligned both on my mat and off. Leaving me to make better decisions for myself and ultimately those around me. This is my go to after any other classes I’ve done.. it meets me exactly where I am day to day (knowing that always changes) this class makes me want to be the best version of myself and really thinking how I can better serve others and share my love for this class and my perfect pair with our amazing city!


And the list goes on and on...

Excited to give my perfect pairing a try? Fantastic — I’ll see you there! Have you already found your perfect pairing? I’m dying to know! Comment below or tell us in person at the studio!

Namaste & I’ll meet you at the barre,

Laura Mason

Barre Instructor

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