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Our Yoga Stories

Last week #alogives filled our news feed, and we decided to join the #alogives movement. This hashtag is used to raise awareness of Alo Yoga’s non-profit foundation, dedicated to bringing movement and mindfulness to kids of all ages through a 12-week yoga program. The course is designed to be used in classrooms or at home to help introduce kids to yoga. These programs were designed to help kids learn the power of yoga and meditation at a young age. #alogives was promoted for individuals to share their “yoga story.” This meant posting a picture of the age you started yoga written on your hand, with a message about how your practice has positively impacted your life. 

At YoBa Studio we have heard several stories of how yoga and mindful movement have changed lives. That’s why we wanted to join this movement and share what we’ve learned on our mats, in hopes of introducing yoga and meditation at an earlier age. Our mats give us a space to move with purpose, intention, and mindfulness, growing our inner strength to empower our outer shine.

YoBa Management Team:

Sam: In college I found the practice due to a horrible injury. For the first time ever I wasn't being reprimanded for me leg not gong high enough or my body not looking a certain "way". I was greeted with open arms even though I wasn’t able to “perform” in any way shape or form. I really didn’t find yoga again after my injury until yoga found me at age 27 feeling unfulfilled and lost as a former choreographer, dancer, and judge I sought out to be a bright light to my students encouraging them they were enough and to listen to their bodies. After sole searching I realized yoga and free movement to everyone was really what I felt God called me to do and I created YoBa Studio a place for everyone. Yoga has taught me so much about myself and help me reveal my truth unapologetically. This movement reminds me I am strong from the inside out and to always respect myself for myself exactly the way God created me.

Caity: I was 19 when I found yoga. I heard about a yoga studio that opened in my home town and went a couple times over holidays and convinced my friends to go with me. I was intrigued and knew there was something special, but life got in the way and my consistency slipped. I rediscovered my yoga mat a couple years later when I was in graduate school. I was struggling with anxiety and couldn’t find an outlet that worked. I saw a Groupon for a yoga studio and decided to give it a try. From that moment on I was hooked. Yoga makes me a better a person, it creates a calm inside me like nothing else. I know no matter what I’m going through I can just come to my mat to move and breathe and everything will be okay.

Mary Margaret: My journey to the mat probably started much before the age of 29. It began as a restorative method to my dance, soccer, volleyball or any other activity I was interested in. I learned various poses as a way to help my muscles heal and renew. After graduating college I took several one off classes but never was able to find the true connection. Arguably, I didn’t realize that I was missing this connection between spiritual and physical energy. With the help of prayer, and during a time I needed it, I started my yoga practice, at the age of 29 when I found YoBa. Here I was able to peel the onion and blossom into myself. My true authentic self. My vulnerable self. My beautiful self. No matter what is going on in my life, I know that my mat is always here for me. Just as my Faith in God, my family and my love for life.

Molly: I started doing yoga when I was 17, but I didn’t start truly practicing yoga til I was 19. I first went to yoga for the physical benefits. Growing up an athlete and being a competitive runner at the time, I started yoga for the physical benefits. Through college I study exercise science, taught group fitness and was a personal trainer. My passion is helping others discover the joy movement can brings them. While I loved movement, I was constantly in motion, mentally and physically. This led to overtraining my body and overwhelming my mind. In the midst of never taking the time to be still; I was craving getting off campus to explore the Raleigh fitness scene, and I started going to a different yoga studio every weekend. What I started as a journey to find other forms of physical movement allowed me to find spiritual connection when I found YoBa Studio. My practice at YoBa brought me to be completely still, physically, mentally and spiritually. My yoga mat allowed and allows me to be still in God’s presence and put strengthening my heart before my body.

Through this amazing non-profit WE have the opportunity to lower this number for our future. Imagine if all the lovers of this practice had the opportunity to find their inner strength to empower their outer shine in their childhood.

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