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Our YoBa Community

Community is defined as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Community is what we hope every person who walks in to our studio feels. The connection community provides requires no external similarities, only internal connection.

We were all made to be different in how we look and how we serve each day, but naturally we all crave a sense of belonging. It is in our innate desire to be a part of something larger than ourselves. True belonging happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world. It’s a lifestyle that encourages us to shine our unique personal light. We want YoBa to be that space for you. When you arrive, you should feel loved for exactly who you are and be part of our community.

YoBa is a space where you are encouraged to love yourself each day despite the trials you are facing. We hope to create a safe space for you to just be, and know that you belong. Our community brings us back to our personal worth, and reminds us of our purpose. YoBis not only want the best for themselves, but also want the best for each individual around them.

Yes, we are a fitness studio and we provide movement experiences. However, we know that lifting each other up is the most important exercise we can do in our space. The physical movement for our bodies has great power, but when we focus on strengthening our heart, we are truly empowered.

Every aspect of YoBa reflects on community. Whether it’s a class in the studio, a retreat at the beach, a community event, or YTT, we provide a space where you show up just as you are. Your energy, your breath, and your spirit all help build and shape what we define as our YoBa community.

So what does community feel like to you? We hope we can create this feeling for you at YoBa. When our team calls out your name or gives you a hug as you walk in, that’s our community. When you’re breathing with your neighbor, dancing to the jams in class with those around you, or simply through your movement and intention in YoBa, we hope that these are reminders that you are already enough.

Thank you for coming into YoBa exactly as you are. We can’t have community, without YOU!

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