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movement, intention, and community FOR ALL

Our tagline at YoBa is “movement, intention, and community FOR ALL”.

The vision of YoBa is to provide movement, intention, and a community FOR ALL. All ages, sizes, backgrounds, physical abilities, and lifestyles.

Movement for all: Our Yoga and Barre classes are built on body respect and functional movement. Our movement contributes far more to our lives than physical attributes such as strength and endurance. It plays a major role in emotions, learning, and relationships. Our classes are branded as movement, not as exercise. "Movement is Essential." What is the difference? Exercise is a modern invention, an obligation or chore designed to give us a way out. It is pain, rather than pleasure driven. Movement serves our emotions, learning, and relationships. Our movement serves all bodies and minds. We are place for ALL: sizes, levels of athleticism, experience with yoga and barre, and history of modalities.

Intention for all: Our team is here to hold space for you to come no matter what season you are in the midst of, you can come exactly as you are. Whether you are is a season of healing, happiness, change, or stagnancy, we are here to support you! At YoBa, we encourage you to work-in — to set an intention that allows you to tune in to your purpose and your truth. We want your movement to serve your body and mind. Movement serves the mind through intention.

Community for all: It is the people that make a place feel like home. We want you to show up to YoBa wanting the best for your true self, and when you want that for yourself, you want that for those around you. True connection and community are rooted. We want to be a place for people from all walks of life. YoBa is a community for all.

Our movement, intention, and community are here FOR ALL!  At YoBa we provide movement for ALL sizes, abilities, and experience. We hold space for ALL to live out their heartfelt intention, and have a community that loves and welcomes ALL.

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