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Movement in Infrared Heat: What Your Body, Mind, & Spirit Crave

The most common question we get asked is "So, what's the deal with the heat? What's it all about?" At YoBa Studio, we have an amazing FAR infrared heating system called Heating Green. We offer infrared yoga, barre, and even the blend of the two. We want to help everyone understand what infrared heat is and some of the benefits it offers.

Infrared heat, invisible to the naked eye, travels from the infrared panels to your skin. Infrared heat penetrates a couple inches into the body to create pliancy in the connective tissues and to accelerate the body's natural detoxification process. The application of infrared heat in the studio should NOT be confused with the typical "hot yoga" studio. Since the air itself is not heated, the studio won't feel overly hot when you walk in. The heat is far less taxing on the body and the benefits you receive are greater. With infrared heat, you can expect to experience increased flexibility, metabolism, circulation, detoxification, and pain relief. 

Rather than heating volumes of air, infrared heats surface areas. The waves produce heat when they strike an object or surface causing the molecules of that object to oscillate. Conventional heating devices heat volumes of air which is a far less efficient way of creating heat because as soon as the heating stops, the whole environment cools down rapidly. In contrast, the energy from infrared continues to be absorbed by the molecules in that object until they oscillate at the frequency of the radiation at which point the radiation is then reflected; all objects in the room become radiators. Although you may feel like you sweat more in a traditional "hot room" - more sweat doesn't always mean better for you. We HIGHLY encourage you to come try out our heating system and give if a feel for yourself. We guarantee you will walk out feeling more alive than when you arrived but never depleted from the vital nutrients that you need. 

Feel free to ask us any questions on our heating system! We encourage everyone to experience the many, many benefits of infrared heat!

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