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YoBa Studio Blog - Raleigh, NC

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Meet Our Staff Volume Two: Paige Derouin

Paige Derouin (pictured on the right)

1) Why do you choose YoBa?
From day 1 the community has been extremely welcoming. I love feeling like I'm friends with the people I see regularly at the studio and that they're here to support me as I grow in my practice and as a person.

2) What do you love about infrared heat?
I was once scared of hot yoga, but the infrared heat is comforting. I love how the floor feels warm under my feet when I walk into the yoga room. It's a great sweat, but I never feel that the heat is suffocating me. 

3) Raleigh Guide:
    a) Favorite places to eat - Guasaca. Flawless in every way. Also Oak City Meatball Shoppe downtown has an AMAZING veggie meatball. It's made from broccoli and almonds and isn't trying to be fake meat. It's seo flavorful and delicious, especially with the sauteed spinach side. For breakfast Person Street Pharmacy is my go-to. Their homemade complimentary jam and jelly bar cannot be topped. 

  b) Favorite places to play - Sertoma arts center! Recently took a pottery wheel class there. Super affordable and so fun to learn a new skill. Classes fill up super quickly though so be on the lookout! Alamo is a super fun movie theatre with surprisingly good food, and of course a solid brewery visit is always a good time. 

     c) Favorite places to shop - I do most of my shopping online if I'm being honest, but I can always find something I'm completely obsessed with at Edge of Urge on Person Street.

4) If you had to plan out your perfect day in Raleigh, what would you do? 
Obviously a visit to YoBa for a hot flow to start. I love afternoon lounging around Person Street - Yellow Dog Bread, Pelagic, Person Street Bar, Edge of Urge, Person Street Pharmacy... it's a one stop money sucker and I love it. After that I'd probably be interested in a nap with my cat, Soybean, and eventually dinner (probably a pizza if I'm being honest). I also really enjoy visits to the museum of art, especially if there's a concert or an outdoor movie in the summer. It's hard to have a bad day in Raleigh, really. There are so many options and if you can't find one you like Durham rocks too.

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