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YoBa Studio Blog - Raleigh, NC

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Meet Our Staff Volume Ten: Mary Margaret Wise

Mary Margaret Wise 

1) Why do you choose YoBa?
Health. Friendships. Acceptance. Trust. Self-Worth. From the moment I took my first class here, I felt all of these things, and more. I've never experienced anything quite like it before. It truly is a magical place.
2) What do you love about infrared heat? 
I've always been very hot natured so going to a place where I would experience more heat was pretty intimidating. On the other side of the coin, I also wanted to start something more therapeutic for my body. I began dancing at the age of three and playing soccer shortly after, and then picked up volleyball in middle school. Due to this constant activity, my joints and muscles started to feel the wear and tear that sports and dance can sometimes leave. YoBa Studio had amazing reviews so I thought "why not"?! and gave the infrared heat a try and was not disappointed.  
The infrared heat is cleansing; spiritually, mentally, and physically. The muscles and joints that had ached for years finally relaxed. Even if I sit in child's pose, or do my own thing the entire class - I still leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! 

3) Raleigh Guide: 
a)Favorite places to eat: Angus Barn, Bella Monica, Gonza’s Tacos & Tequila, Vita Vite (eating optional), Salt & Lime, Bar Taco, Brewery Bhavana, Oakwood Pizza & of course Lynnwood Grille. 
b) Favorite places to play: Millbrook Exchange Dog Park :), YoBa :-), Shelley Lake, Lake Lynn, Umstead Park. 
c) Favorite places to shop: Lululemon, Madewell, Target & Amazon..Prime baby!

4) If you had to plan out your perfect day in Raleigh, what would you do?
My ideal day would start with sleeping in just a little. Then coming to take class at YoBa with my husband, Jason. Then we would go get brunch with our dog, Mulligan "Mully". Then we would have a family walk around Shelly Lake Park. Then we would go get day drinks with all of my family and all of my friends probably at LBC, House of Hops or Compass Rose. Then we would get a glass of wine at Vita Vite with Mully again, obviously. Then we would go to dinner and see a movie and be in bed by 10. It would be a pretty busy day, but it would be magical.

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