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YoBa Studio Blog - Raleigh, NC

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Meet Our Staff Volume Five: Katelyn Blackman

Katelyn Blackman

1. Why do you choose YoBa?

I choose YoBa for the sense of community and for the infrared heat!  I also love the variety that comes with each class and instructor. 

2. What do you love about infrared heat?

The infrared heat literally warms you from the inside out! I have practiced hot yoga for 11 years but the infrared heat feels like an entirely new experience. It allows me to sink deeper into my muscles and move freely without feeling compressed by humidity. 

3. Raleigh Guide:
     a) Favorite places to eat: Yellowdog, Guasaca, The Station, Living Kitchen 
     b) Favorite places to play: YoBa, Flywheel!, Church on Morgan, North Carolina Museum of Art, Whole Foods (my most favorite place to play!)
     c) Favorite places to shop: Anthropologie, Edge of Urge, Madewell, Lou & Grey

4) If you had to plan out your perfect day in Raleigh, what would you do?
Even though the morning is a sleepy time, it is my FAVORITE time of the day! My perfect day would be morning heavy. First, I would visit my #1 favorite place - Whole Foods. There is something so joyful about this special place! I love to see friends and families gathered around tables nourishing their bodies and hearts. I love nothing more than watching humans sit with their coffee and newspapers. Whole Foods on a Sunday morning is the most peaceful place on Earth. Next, I would venture over to Pearson Street. My favorite section of Raleigh! I would stop at Yellowdog for a coffee and a delicious treat! Yellowdog has perfect outdoor seating for breaking bread with those you love and watching sweet families wander around. Yellowdog's next door neighbor is Edge of Urge, the trendiest store in Raleigh! If you are looking for a quirky card or a cute new dress, Edge of Urge is the place to be! I would treat myself to a little gift here (and probably at Anthropologie as well). After shopping to my heart's content I would take my sweetest dog, Lucy Blackman, to the North Carolina Museum of Art for a walk around the greenway trails. NCMA is the coolest place in Raleigh! They have a ton of amazing events in the summer and there are plenty of places to have a picnic on the grass. I would finish out my day with a hot flow at YoBa and the best quick dinner spot, Guasaca. I am one lucky girl - Guasaca is in my neighborhood! This little slice of heaven has the most amazing plantains and arepas. Paige Derouin and I love to come here after a good sweat at the studio. Last, I would find some time to rest at home. Most evenings I find myself  forcing my husband Brandon to watch Gilmore Girls reruns and snuggling with my Lucy girl! Raleigh Rocks!

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