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YoBa Studio Blog - Raleigh, NC

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Meet Our Staff Volume Eight: Victoria Schuch

Victoria Schuch

1) Why do you choose YoBa? 
I choose YoBa because every-time I show up, I leave happier than I arrived. To me, YoBa is much more than just a yoga/barre studio, it is a place to grow and connect and to let your light shine. Also growing up (not athletic in the slightest bit) but I danced and cheered, I find yoga and barre compliment each other in the best ways! 

2) What do you love about infrared heat? 
  I loooooove infrared heat. It warms you up from the inside out, makes my muscles feel great, and so beneficial for your entire body. 

3) Raleigh Guide:     
a) Favorite places to eat - You can pretty much always catch me at Sola with a chai latte and some avocado toast, or Chuy's, or Tenko       
b) Favorite places to play - YoBa,  and then my pup (Ellie) and I love exploring Bond Park, Umstead Park, Lake Johnson      
c) Favorite places to shop - Tough one because I am an online shopper, but my go-to's are Vestique and TJMaxx lol

4) If you had to plan out your perfect day in Raleigh, what would you do? 
My perfect day in Raleigh would be waking up and going to a morning flow at YoBa, then grabbing a bite to eat at Sola with some friends. Afterwards taking Ellie on a new trail around Raleigh. Ideally I would then love to head downtown to explore the local shops (like Zen Succulent), and walk around (because it is a beautiful day out). Afterwards grabbing a drink and dinner with friends at Brewery Bhavana. Then wandering around to either Raleigh Times to sit on the rooftop, or Watts and Ward. Pretty simple day, but one filled with all the things I love <3

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