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March Intentions: YoBa Style

HAPPY MARCH, YoBis! We can’t believe it’s already here, but couldn’t be more excited. The beginning of a new month, especially this one (hello SPRING), provides a fresh start (if you want/need it), new beginnings, and an opportunity to set new INTENTIONS. With the coming of Spring in just a few short weeks, and the recent launch of this blog (!!), we thought it appropriate and symbolic to begin setting and sharing our intentions with you all this month.

Monthly intentions can be ANYTHING YOU NEED & WANT THEM TO BE. Which is amazing, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start! A few tips that we’ve found super helpful:


1. Relax. Before you sit down to put pen to paper, do whatever it is that helps you calm/unwind. It could be a bath, a good workout (hot flow or barre blast, anyone?!), a glass of wine, your favorite “background show” (The Office…), lighting a candle...whatever it is, do it!

2. Create or find a personal mantra. This can be a quote you love, a phrase that motivates you, fills you up, expresses what you intend or desire for the month ahead. Write this somewhere on your intention paper so that it’s always top-of-mind!

3. Write out what you want or need more of this month, asking yourself these questions:

  • When and how to I feel the most calm? The happiest?  
  • What’s something new I’d like to try?
  • What’s something I want to work on? 
  • Is there a simple task I should be doing but don’t? 
  • Is there a word, phrase or idea I want to focus on this month?  
  • How can I better myself so that I can service others?

For example, if your answer to #1 is “when I take a hot bath” or “when I read before bed” or “when I go to 6am yoga”, turn these into intentions - take more baths, read more, go to 6am yoga once a week. Be as broad or specific as you like - whatever works for you.

4. Make your intentions visible. Hang them on your fridge, at your desk, by your bedside table. Share them with friends (have an intention-setting party!), post them on Instagram. This way you’ll be constantly reminded of your intentions and create a SUPPORT system to encourage you.

5. Reflect at the end of the month. How did you do? How do you feel? Is there anything you focused on more/less than you wanted or intended to? It’s helpful to think through these things as you set your focus and intentions for future months. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get around to everything or didn’t make as much progress in an area as you’d have liked - you’re doing something SO GOOD for yourself just by setting them in the first place! :)

We asked a few of our YoBis to share their March intentions with y’all - take a look below! We are so inspired by EVERY member of the YoBa community - and hope that these will strike a chord and inspire you, too! If you set intentions this month, be sure to share them with us - we can’t wait to see them and support you in them! Here’s to a purposeful, supportive, and intention-filled March. We’ll see you all at the studio soon! XO

Sam, YoBa Studio Owner

Katelyn, YoBa RYT-200 Graduate

Paige, YoBa RYT-200 Graduate

Mary Mac, Current YoBa RYT-200 Student

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