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Join us for a 1-hour Barre Workshop with 2 of our fabulous Barre instructors - Victoria Schuch and Micaiah Williams - for a breakdown of "all things" Barre. This workshop is geared to those that are brand new to Barre and those that come to Barre all the time! We will break down some of the key movements and discuss proper alignment of the body and go over all the basics you need for barre. The workshop will be followed by a 50-minute Barre class to put all the things learned into practice! $20 secures your spot! YoBa Members get 25% OFF!
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The core is so much more than working to get the famous “six-pack”. It is THE center of the body, helping to both stabilize the skeleton and transfer energy from the limbs into the floor and from the floor into the limbs. Strengthening and connecting the core will transform your yoga practice and improve how you feel in life.
Lara, a physical therapist and movement expert, will guide you through a challenging and creative class that will leave you fully connected!
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We are thrilled to have Tamal Dodge here at YoBa Studio. Taking us through asanas under the microscope with detailed alignment and functional anatomy. Re-learn the basics and discover how the fundamentals give us the attributes for advanced postures. This is a workshop you don't want to miss!Click here to enroll! YoBa Members get 25% OFF!

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