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Apprenticeship Program

APPLY NOW!The Apprenticeship Program at YoBa Studio is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a senior YoBa Yoga teacher in our studio. Due to the amount of time and attention that our teachers invest in this program, there is limited capacity and there is a selection process. This program includes homework assignments, meeting with your mentor on a regular basis, practice teaching and assisting and so much more. You will have the opportunity to see teaching theories that you learned during your RYT training applied in a real-life class setting. Our teachers or "mentors" are here to support you and focus on your individual strengths as well as your areas of opportunity for growth. You will also be able to observe other classes offered outside of Hot Flow vinyasa yoga. The Apprenticeship Program is designed to develop and refine your teaching skills while guiding self-study and learning class preparation.
Program Expectations: 
  • Observe minimum one class per week. Must be Hot Flow.
  • Teach your Mentor a 60-minute Hot Flow or All Levels Vinyasa class one time per month. You are free to invite friends/family to this class.
  • Complete Homework Assignments. One assignment per week will be given to you by your mentor.
  • As part of the in-class observations, you will teach portions of the class and also assist at times.
  • The program will involve teaching larger portions of the public class that you have been observing.
  • Regular studio practice.
  • Daily meditation. 
  • Weekly meetings with your mentor. 1 hour required per week. This will involve practicing teaching with your mentor and receiving feedback. You will review anything from the previous week and then focus on how to move forward and grow your teaching practice.

  • Minimum 200-hour Teacher Training certification from an RYS or approved program
  • Complete apprenticeship application
  • Complete interview process
  • Complete 1-hour audition class
  • Regular yoga practice

  • $1,500 for total program

To apply, please follow the below steps:
    - Submit application here
    - Submit application fee here
    - Email resume to
Please contact us for more information on applying, establishing a payment plan, and additional program details at

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